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Winners of Door Prize 2016

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the exact number of pipes made by me last year 2015 is 437


 first place Mrs Modica Vincenza from Ferrara Italy with 436 after raffle

second place Mr Valerio Salvini

third place Mr Luigi Stea from Foggia Italy with 435

fourth place Doctor Giannandrea Monti nickname cagnone(big dog) with 439

fifth place Mr Robert Baietti from Bologna Italy with 440 after raffle

sixth place Mr Enrico Vitale from Calderino(BO) with 440 after raffle

seventh place Mrs Maria Blè from Ferrara Italy with 440 after raffle


 1° Bonfiglioli pipe natural smooth in wonderfull case

2° meerscaum pipe

3° B.C pipe 70' smooth

4° cuban cigars case in leader

5° rack pipe in italian wood for 3

6° 2 books one story of smoke and one of wine story editor ODOYA
company located in Bologna Italy owner Mr Valerio Manieri Bonfiglioli pipe club member

7° corn cob lady pipe

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