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Winners of Door Prize 2018

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the exact number of pipes made by me last year 2017 is 372


first place Mr Nicola Lombardi from Bologna Italy with 371

second place Mr Robert Grosz from Virginia USA with 375

third place Mr Mark Wichtendahl from Frederick MD USA with 376

fourth place Mr Andreas Vasquez from Cancun Mexico with 377

fith place Mr Andy Camire from Massachusetts USA with 37 8(after raffle with Mr Rairden)

sith place Prof. Federico Biagi from Voghera Italy with 365

congratulations for all smokers winners
the pipemaker of the world


1 BONFIGLIOLI's collectors smooth with gold and
sterling band printed on the number of DP 2018

2 Pipe Geppetto (ser Jcopo serie)

3 place Pipe Ser Jacopo Modica serie

4 Pipe BC 70s

5 Pipe BC 70

6 pipeholder in Italian wood for three pipes (not Chinese)

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